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: Hangtian She

Hangtian She

Hangtian She is a current D.K. Kim Loan Recipient at the Haas School of Business. Previously, he had received his BS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto, Canada.   Attracted to UC Berkeley and Haas for its prestige and reputation, its proximity to the Silicon Valley and the culture, Mr. She chose Berkeley for his MBA, where he is focusing on entrepreneurship and strategy in emerging markets.  His achievements include 2nd place in the 2011 Bank of America Low Income Housing Challenge, finishing as a Finalist, in the 2010 University of Maryland Mergers and Acquisitions Competition, as well as serving as VP of Careers for the Haas Finance Club and as an Organizer of the Haas 2010 China Trek.

“When I considered my choice of business schools, financial aid was an important factor since my wife and I had been living on one income of mine and my wife would also move with me to Berkeley to support my studies. The second year of my MBA study was the time when my savings started to run short. The D.K. Kim Loan became an important piece of the much needed financial aid during my second year study, which alleviated my financial stress and enabled me to finish my MBA degree with a much smaller amount of regular  debt from financial institutions. The D.K. Kim Loan, together with other financial aids I received from Haas, decreased my concern with the compensation of my post MBA employment and allowed me to be true to my preference on my career path and geographical location (being an entrepreneur in Asia). I sincerely appreciate the donors that made the D.K. Kim Loan available, and I also want to say that the generosity of the donors helped me decide giving back to Haas in the future as one of my priorities. I am hoping to leverage the knowledge I have gained from my MBA  degree to create my own business in Asia in the future. I would like to move towards the direction of social venture and making positive impacts to the world as a major priority of my business.” ~ Hangtian She