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: Luis Alvargonzalez, ’06

Luis Alvargonzalez, ’06

Luis Alvargonzalez is a 2006 graduate of the Haas School of Business. Originally from Gijon, Spain, after graduation, Mr. Alvargonzalez moved to London to work in a private equity division of a Japanese investment bank. After two years in London, he moved back to Spain to work in the largest family office in the country, running the private equity area. Recently he moved into the renewable energy investments area within the same family owned group. While at Haas, the D.K. Kim Loan helped him and his wife finance his education at Haas, and she was able to participate by doing 100% of the community service hours requested in the D.K. Kim loan rules by volunteering with some vegetables cooperatives in San Francisco.

Some of our projects develop various community projects in different areas worldwide (for example: Panama, Chirica/Volcan area).Our project in Panama is collaborating with the local community in Volcan (Chiriqui, Panama) setting up community centers for children and elderly people. Our community projects in Canada, that we develop mainly in Nova Scotia through Shear Wind, are mainly scholarships for students, funding for community projects and environmental projects as well.” ~ Luis Alvargonzalez on his work in the renewable energy sector