Of the D.K. Kim Foundation

The D.K. Kim Foundation, Inc. (DKKF) was started in 2003 by Dong Koo Kim, a successful business entrepreneur residing in Southern California.  Motivated by the missionaries who helped create opportunities for him during his childhood in a Korea divided by war, he realized that education as the unparalleled endeavor and investment for society.   Before he formed the Foundation, Mr. Kim had been a generous donor to leading U.S. educational institutions such as the University of California at Berkeley. He saw the impact that he was making on the lives of individuals through his participation and decided to create a more systematic and meaningful program to continue his efforts. Thus, the Foundation was created.

As a 501(c)3 not-for-profit foundation, the DKKF has provided many generous contributions to the Haas School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley and high school students through the Palos Verdes Peninsula Rotary Club, thus affecting the lives of hundreds of students worldwide.

D.K. Kim has been involved with the Haas School of Business since 1997, contributing over $2,000,000 to higher education. Starting in 1997 with the New Century Fund, D.K. Kim developed into a donor for the Haas School of Business with his first of many donations in 1999, including the Distance Learning Classroom dedicated to using the latest technology. Through Mr. Kim’s donation, the Haas School of Business became one of the first schools to incorporate the use of remote lecture technology capability.

Following the days of September 11, 2001, funding for international students became almost impossible. Through the D.K. Kim Revolving Loan program at the Haas School, the Foundation has awarded no-interest loans to post-graduate international students with strong community service backgrounds who are committed to making a difference. The program has successfully helped many deserving students bear the financial burden of attending school at UC Berkeley.  In the course of about 6 years, D.K. Kim has made a gift of 800,000 dollars, and with the success of the revolving loan, D.K. Kim and the Haas School have collaborated to transition the loan into the D.K. Kim Fellowship for international students.

The success of the D.K. Kim Loan program has led to the development of the D.K. Kim Fellowship program, through the combined efforts of Mr. Kim and UC Berkeley, which is matching Mr. Kim’s donation for the establishment of the fellowship. By Fall 2014, international students attending the Haas School will be eligible to apply for the Fellowship, regardless of financial status.