Potential Meets Opportunity in the Rural Communities of Colombia

Potential Meets Opportunity in the Rural Communities of Colombia

On January 18, 2021, the DK Kim Foundation and TGR Foundation, A Tiger Woods Foundation https://tgrfoundation.org/  joined forces to bring a STEM training program to the rural communities of Colombia. The first cohort of eleven eager and brilliant Colombian educators and community advocates began their virtual workshops unpacking how a focus on youth learning, by asking questions about the world around them, can unlock a child’s imagination and empower their potential.  Goals of the ongoing learning series include completing TGR Foundation’s rigorous Master Trainer program, translating the material into the local language, and replicating the program throughout rural and underserved communities within Colombia.  

The Colombian teachers were identified and selected through an existing 4-pillared project partnership between the DK Kim Foundation and the USC School of Pharmacy. https://regulatory.usc.edu/international-center/international-activities/kihmi/

Through much research and community outreach within the rural communities of Colombia, the in-country team identified the need for professional development and STEM training within these communities.   All involved foundations are united and committed to ensuring all programs, training, research and development within these rural communities adheres to and abides by the ‘Do No Harm’ philosophy.  

For 25 years, TGR Foundation has been considered the leading expert in advancing STEM education to students and educators.  By equipping and inspiring educators to develop student-centered, inquiry-based lessons that can connect students to real-world STEM learning opportunities they are able to help young people achieve personal and professional success, leading to long-term, transformational change in their communities.

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