5 Years in Colombia – What’s Next?

In 2018, the D.K. Kim Foundation (DKKF) partnered with the USC School of
Pharmacy (SOP) to embark on a 5-year feasibility study in the rural
communities of the Caribbean regions of Colombia. Over the past 5 years,
the USC SOP team has led the charge in establishing an efficient and
impactful initiative that designs sustainable social solutions for rural
communities impacted by poverty, years of conflict, along with multiple
incurable neurodegenerative diseases, specifically Huntington’s Disease.

We are incredibly grateful for USC SOP’s leadership and vision over the past 5
years. Olga Lucia Parga Nates has been the leader and coordinator for the
KIHMI project from the beginning and she has built a team of the best that
Colombia has to offer. Olga Lucia and her team have designed and
implemented over ten projects spread out over the four pillars that
intentionally focus on Communication and Education, Health and Well-being,
Housing and Infrastructure, and Sustainability.

As we headed into 2023, the DKKF fully embraced the opportunity to take the
lead to continue the development and implementation of KIHMI. We knew
the continued success of this project required a fearless leader so we added
Olga Lucia to the D.K. Kim Foundation team as our Director of Social

All of us at the DKKF, are committed to continue the good work that started
in 2018, as we embark on developing partnership strategies, educating others
on the do no harm methodology and curriculum, expanding our in-country
and US based teams, and ultimately replicating the sustainable community
model throughout the globe.

Thank you again to the USC SOP for their vision, leadership and partnership.

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