Mr. Jeon was born and educated in South Korea. In 1984, Mr. Jeon graduated from Korea University with a B.A. in Business. Throughout his college career, Mr. Jeon worked part-time jobs and participated in club activities, which were great opportunities for him to involve himself in various social affairs.

IN 1986, Mr. Jeon began working at Samsung Co., Ltd. in the company’s business department. In 1989, Mr. Jeon was transferred to the company’s American branch, Samsung America Inc., where he worked in various locations such as Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Jose for approximately ten years.

Throughout his many years living in the United States, Mr. Jeon came to realize the importance and value of charitable deeds such as financial donations and educational aid for underprivileged children. Through a mutual acquaintance, Mr. Jeon met Mr. Kim and learned of the latter’s passion and contribution to underprivileged children through the D.K. Kim Foundation. As a result of this relationship, Mr. Jeon developed a personal interest in Mr. Kim’s charitable work and, in 2010, joined the D.K. Kim Foundation. Presently, Mr. Jeon is operating as the owner of Lotus Arts & Graphics, Inc.