Ms. Hon was born and raised in Hong Kong, China. Although Ms. Hon had to start working at a fairly young age in her homeland, she felt very fortunate that she had met mentors at work who always reminded her of the importance of education for advancement. Ms. Hon completed her four-year college equivalent education at Hong Kong Polytechnic University while working full time.

Ms. Hon has had more than 15 years of international trade finance experience before she came to the U.S. in the early 90′s in which she joined Mr. D. K. Kim and his company, B. P. Industries, Inc., where she found Mr. Kim’s emphasis in education and self-sufficiency similar to her employer’s values many years ago in Hong Kong. In the early 80′s, Ms. Hon had the opportunities to visit and work in various parts of China and several major cities in the western world. She saw the extreme difference (poverty and education standard) of the two worlds and had been bothered much.

Ms. Hon is always grateful for the opportunities she has in her life and she attributes that to God’s grace and blessing. She and her family had been serving the community thru local school and churches in the States. They continuously involve themselves in the outreach program to Mexicali in Mexico to share with children there God’s words that offer them hope for a better future.