Congratulations to the 18 students who successfully completed the 2019 Loyola Marymount three-week Google Computer Science Summer Institute (CSSI) summer program on Friday, August 16th. This engaging three-week program is an on-campus summer experience for first-year students studying computer science and related STEM fields. The D.K. Kim Foundation was privileged to support this year’s program as it provided opportunities to students who are usually underrepresented in STEM programs.

Each CSSI team consisted of 3 team members who were randomly chosen to work together to develop an original web application.  Mr. Kim was impressed with the innovation, problem-solving, and teamwork shown by each team. Students came from Jamaica, Colombia, Uruguay, The Bahamas, and several states within the U.S.  They eagerly and willingly embraced and supported each other during classroom instructions, laboratory exercises, tours of Google offices, and multiple field trips, as was apparent during their presentations. 

  1. Team ASLMU embarked on creating an App that brings together non-deaf and deaf signers. A new “word of the day” along with a video demonstrating the correct signing technique was a brilliant addition. Such a beautiful idea that allows each user to connect and improve on sharing the gift of understanding! 
  2. Team Instrumental chose to develop an App that allows users to customize their music playlist(s) by answering questions about current mood, activity, and genre. This App makes it simple to find new music that doesn’t play on mainstream media. Definitely a plus if you like discovering new bands and genres. 
  3. Team Eventful focused on building an App that provides a centralized hub for students, faculty, campus clubs and the entire college community to locate extra-curricular activities and events to attend and/or promote. The ability to be able to view all events in one location makes it extremely user-friendly and easier to see all available events rather than just one event page at a time.
  4. Team Low Key Tho… used their mission of “Less stress. More fun” to develop their App.  Their inspiration was the popular card game, “Cards Against Humanity.”  The main difference is that as a player you get to write your own answers rather than being limited to the cards you drew.  The option to connect with other players from around the world makes it even more exciting and inclusive.
  5. Team Apollo Travel created an App that encourages everyone to see the world by taking away some of the worries and unknowns of traveling, including language, currency, and weather.  The App’s ability to translate between languages, convert local currency, and provide real-time weather definitely inspires all of us to pack up and wander.
  6. Team [esc] Room took on the challenge of developing an App that expands on the hugely popular escape rooms that are popping up in most cities. The App creates opportunities to work as a team to discover and solve clues, advance to more difficult levels, and ultimately escape together if you can beat the clock.  The team did a great job in developing a game that caters to users of all ages and all skill levels. Working together never looked so fun!

The D.K. Kim Foundation wishes each of these gifted students a successful first year at LMU!  Savor each moment and we look forward to hearing about your academic journey.

Go Lions!

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