UC Berkeley 2019-2020 DK Kim Fellowship recipients

The 2019-2020 recipients of the D.K. Kim Fellowship Endowment Fund are eager to delve into their studies and equip themselves with the tools they need to be difference makers!  From improving access to health care for underserved communities to financial inclusion, these five Fellows are tackling issues that have negatively defined and impacted much of the population.  

Nikhil Chacko – MBA Business Administration and MPH Public Health

“…I aim to work on developing commercially viable business models to address unmet needs in disease areas that have traditionally been neglected by the private sector.”  

Susit Dhakal – MBA Business Administration

“This award has helped ease my financial burdens for me, which in turn has allowed me the opportunity to focus on my goal of pursuing a career in social impact and not be forced to delay my goals due to financial concerns.”

Amy Fan – MBA Business Administration and MPH Public Health

“I’m co-founding a women’s health startup,Twentyeight Health, focused on increasing access to reproductive and sexual care for low-income women. Your support means that I can continue to leverage the lessons from Haas and apply it to growing a mission-driven venture.”

Ruth Paulsen Nieto – MBA Business Administration

“In Haas, I found the right tools to motivate myself and to start building a path towards a career in social impact.  I realized that my skills and knowledge about financial services in emerging markets could be useful to solve one of the biggest problems in developing countries: financial inclusion.”

Joseph Bird – MBA Business Administration

“I came here because I believe business is the most effective and powerful way of solving some of society’s most complex problems.”

The D.K. Kim Foundation is honored to partner with each of these Fellows and we look forward to watching them use their experience, education, and enthusiasm to make a difference in this world!

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