Paying it forward…

Dana Soltani is a 2009 Haas School of Business graduate.

Originally from Iran, he stayed in the San Francisco Bay Area
after graduation to work on his passions of tech and entrepreneurship.
He volunteered for Haas Young Entrepreneurs as a mentor, a program
dedicated to helping kids from middle school and high school get into

“Truly feeling the pains of disadvantaged children, I signed up to
 be a mentor at Young Entrepreneurs at Haas (YEAH) on my second day in
 the business school. I stayed involved with YEAH for two years. The
 teams I mentored at Haas won three consecutive rounds of semi-annual
 business plan completion that marked the end of an educational
 semester. After business school, I stayed involved with non-profits
 that serve disadvantaged children globally. I strongly believe most
 disadvantaged children in the U.S. and globally only need a fair
 chance to compete – I feel my life has been living proof.”

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